Mosaic of incredible pieces

Mosaic of incredible pieces

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Mosaic of incredible pieces

Women dressed in different hues of red, yellow, blue, maroon, magenta and the men in black were a treat to all eyes.The choir in fact resembled a beautiful flower and when they started singing, it soothened the ears as well.

This year the choir presented A Musical Mosaic, a selection of pieces designed to please even the most discerning ear. The evening saw the choir dividing their performances into two. In the first half, they sang contemporary music much to the delight of many youngsters. This included music by Sting and popular numbers from Michael Jackson, some old favourites, a few lilting spirituals and a Holiday Jazz Trio. The second half of the performance included Celebrate Life, which was a beautiful Christmas Cantat’.

It was performed in 12 pieces and carried the spirit of Christmas. Through their amazing performance, the choir heralded the festive season with its message of peace, love and hope.

Rita, a homemaker who was present at the performance, says, “I simply fell in love with the choir, their presentation style, the way they sang. It was great, I attend all performances in December. The choir sang well making my day complete. I have also brought my children along and they also enjoyed the music.”

The entire performance was conducted by Louise Pinto and Joan de Nazareth. Around 30 talented singers sang and they were well supported by Priya Fernandes on the piano, Maya Mascarenhas on the keyboard, Robin Colaco as the lead guitarist, Nestor Lasrado on bass guitar and Santosh Victor on drums. Michelle Cherian and Oscar Menezes were the chief soloists.

Nickson Lino says, “I keep going to such performances during Christmas. This time of the year is simply great as I get to listen to beautiful songs from such lovely choirs. Cecilian choir sang very well, each song they sang made me notice that it’s Christmas time. I also liked the modern musical performance.” The proceeds of the concert will go to charity.