Rajyavardhan aims for political gold

Rajyavardhan aims for political gold

Rajyavardhan aims for political gold

Sportsman-turned-BJP politician Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, pitted against Congress heavyweight CP Joshi from Jaipur (Rural), is riding on 'Modi wave' to win his first electoral contest here.

The constituency is among the 20 others that will go to polls in the first phase on Thursday.

Rathore told Deccan Herald, the constituency has been ruled by the Congress since independence but the electorates are looking for a change this time. And the change, he claims, is possible only if the Modi government is formed.

When asked about the Modi wave, the double trap Olympic silver medal winner said, “Undoubtedly, there is a Modi wave. Modi is not just a person, he is a symbol of nationalism and symbol of hope and development. When you hear Ghar Ghar Modi, it means that you are spreading the message of nationalistic feeling and development for everyone.”

Former armyman, Rathore who comes from a Jaisalmer ex-servicemen family, said whatever he is now, it is due to the BJP and that Modi’s popularity is not “artificially created” but a “genuine belief” among people. He said it would be clear when the results are declared on May 16.

Although, he had to face resistance from grassroot BJP workers after the central BJP leadership decided to field him from Jaipur Rural, Rajyavardhan is finally getting to learn tricks of knowing pulse of the people. Though a political novice, Rajyavardhan attacks his Congess opponent CP Joshi for being “an outsider” running away from his previous constituency Bhilwara for “not been able to connect with the people”.

“I don’t consider my opponent a heavyweight anywhere, be it in war, sport or now in politics. Why should I place my opponent on a pedestal? Realistically speaking, he is big because of the position, which will not be there in next 10 days. His position was given by the people and it will be taken away by the people. If he is big, why has he changed the home constituency and is fighting from Jaipur (Rural)?” Rathore quipped.
Olympic champion does not shy away from accepting the fact that politics is not an easy game and that he needs to learn dynamics of electoral sport faster.