Gods of dance were here!

Gods of dance were here!

Fancy Footwork

Gods of dance were here!

Aptly titled, The gods of dance are coming all roads led to the hotel, where the three-day hip hop and Latin dance festival was held over the weekend. The action-packed programme, ranging from dance workshops to parties galore, saw dance enthusiasts get plenty of inspiration and tips on the latest dance moves and techniques and actively participate in the programme.

After an ice-breaker and chill-out session in the afternoon, the arrival of celebrity judges B-boys Pelezhino, a champion dancer from Brazil, and B-Boy Choco, one of the most established B-boys on Taiwan's dance scene took the competition levels up a notch.

“A B-boy is someone who has a dynamic style, that is special to him or her. They are known for their unique musical interpretation, fancy footwork and emotional venting in the form of dance. We had great talent from all over being showcased on this platform,” says Nanda Kumar, one of the organisers.

Ten shortlisted B-boys battled it out for the final countdown in the presence of the cheering crowd and the celebrity judges with the final top three winning much deserved prizes.The final B-boy battle had the  crowd mesmerised with amazing elements of break dancing, tap, jazz, gymnastics, capoeira and several other influences woven into the different contestants individual styles and techniques.

Naser, a student settled in Bangalore, was the first prize winner, 13-year-old Shawn from Goa came second and the third prize went to Hameed also from Bangalore. “It is not surprising to see so much talent in Bangalore with its cosmopolitan culture,” added Nanda Kumar.

“B-boying started with top rocking and dancing at parties. Over time, it progressed and became more acrobatic, freewheeling and stylish. I practice at least for two hours everyday and it is at events like this that we get to meet other b boys and actually compare ourselves on the dance floor,” said Pankaj, a student B-boy in the City.

With the theme of the event being dance per se, there was no dearth of dancing talent on display at the after party. The spirit carried into the evening with Salsa and Hip Hop dancers vying with each other to keep the party rocking till it was time to wind up.