Thrilled to bits

Last Updated 18 April 2014, 03:23 IST

The voter turnout across the City has been overwhelming with the old and the young making a conscious effort to exercise their franchise. Interestingly, celebrities shed their airs and made a beeline to the booths as early as seven in the morning. Metrolife interacted with a few celebrities to gauge their level of excitement.

Ramesh Aravind, actor:

“As a citizen, voting gives you the power to choose the right candidate. Each one of us have the power to make or mar the future. You can go on complaining but if you don’t do your bit, how can you expect anything to change?”

Pranitha Subhash, actress:

“I am a first-time voter and was thrilled to cast my vote. I went at seven in the morning and found that there was already a good crowd. Usually, the educated refrain from voting but it is different this time. I am proud that I’ve done my duty.”

Haripriya, actress:

“I am a first-time voter and by voting I have proved that I am a responsible citizen. Voting is surely a positive step forward. It feels good to be inspired to vote and to inspire others as well.”

Prajwal Devaraj, actor:

“I have never missed my chance to vote. The prime ministerial candidate may be a different person but it is important to choose the right candidate locally because it is he who will hear you out and attend to your problems. My polling booth was in my old school Sri Aurobindo Memorial School. That added to the excitement of going back to

(Published 17 April 2014, 13:36 IST)

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