A house that elates...

A house that elates...

Check out these ideas that can make your home inviting

A house that elates...

After a day that has left you weary, is there something that you look forward to? Is your home your haven, a place you want to get back to, no matter what? Be it from a luxurious trip abroad or the most happening party in town? What makes your home a haven? Why do we form that sense of belonging? Is it the personal touch we add? Or, is it the people who live in it that make it special? Let us explore...

Joy from little things

A few of us have learnt the mantra that appreciating the small joys in life can bring about much more contentment than purchasing expensive accessories for our homes. A home-grown organic kitchen garden, planted and nurtured by you, can bring in much more satisfaction than buying a new designer sofa.

Besides providing a de-stressing ‘get-away’ from the mundane, busy life, benefits of a kitchen garden include relishing home-grown veggies, which taste sweeter than honey. They do come guaranteed with good health, as they are nurtured sans any pesticides and fertilisers, and you don’t have to run to the vegetable seller every time you need fresh coriander or mint leaves. With so much at home, why wouldn’t you want to come back to it?

When I say appreciating the small joys in life, I also mean that one needs to loosen up a bit. Whilst it’s of utmost importance that your house remains clutter-free and neat, it is equally important that the house shouldn’t control you too much. For example, it should not be a big deal if you want to curl up in bed and have breakfast right there.

Children playing in and around the house should not be taken as bothersome and dirty. On the contrary, they should remind you of the simplicity and unpretentiousness in life. A house that curtails you wouldn’t call back to you, only a house that lets you be you, would.

Memories of the past

Embracing your happy childhood memories and framing them on the blank walls of your home can be a constant reminder of how uncomplicated and carefree life was. It might, in fact, inspire you to rephrase your life and give yourself and your family more time and space.

For instance, that black and white photo collage of your summer trip to your aunt’s place might encourage you to take that overdue break from work and go on a vacation with your family and friends.

A house that inspires you to do the right things connects to you positively and forms a bond with you.

Pets, with their unconditional love and loyalty are one of the foremost motivators to come back home. Isn’t it a delight to see your pet come running to you when you are back home from a long tiring day at work? Pets are therapeutic and spending time with them is no less than meditation. Pets can refresh us, enliven us and instil in us a sense of belonging and deep love for our house. It’s the people and pets, with their constant hustle bustle and life that form the biggest magnetic forces pulling you back to your haven.

Calming colours

A serene house is what calms the soul and makes us want to come back. Neutral colour palettes, lots of natural light, airiness and decluttered space are a few of the important factors that need to be inculcated, so as to bring in the factor of resounding calm into your house. Greenery brings in cheer and so do happy faces that greet you when you come back home.

It would also be great if one learns to respect one’s own taste when it comes to artwork and accessories. After all it’s you who is going to stay in that house and live with those accessories. So, while it is important that you seek opinion from an expert, it is essential that you honour your tastes and make the final decision regarding your house.

The deal here is to give your house a personal touch. Get involved with your house, create things out of your hands and take a plunge into the process that makes a house a home. This could be achieved by some simple DIY projects (Do It Yourself Projects), own landscaping initiatives or even things as simple as your personal paint choices. Fix that leaky faucet, tighten that door knob and trim the garden hedges yourself, and you will know what I mean.

To conclude, I would say that appreciating the small joys in life, honouring your tastes and simplifying your life of the unwanted clutter (both mental and physical) are sure shot ways of making your home a place that elates you. Or, should I paraphrase it as ‘Stop and smell the roses’?

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