NOTA turns a non-issue with voters

NOTA turns a non-issue with voters

NOTA turns a non-issue with voters

A majority of voters in the City, to whom the Deccan Herald team spoke to, did not opt for NOTA (None of the Above) while casting their ballot.

Though most urban voters were aware, they did not opt for it, given that they were exercising their franchise for the first time.

Prerana M, a first-time voter, said “I was looking forward to voting for the first time so even though I knew about NOTA, I did not want to use it this time.”

Likewise, Padma M, an IT professional from CV Raman Nagar, cast her vote at Lingarajapram. “I originally belong to this locality and therefore came to vote here though I am staying in CV Raman Nagar. If I was in a situation where I did not know anything about the candidates fielded, I would have exercised the option,” she said.

Amudha, who works as a security guard, exercised the NOTA option for exactly the same reason Padma M did not. 

“I exercised NOTA as I did not know much about the candidates who were contesting. So I thought, instead of giving my vote to the wrong person, I should press the last button .” She exercised her franchise at Bangalore Central shopping mall. 

While a number of people did not exercise this option, they however, felt that it was a radical and progressive step. 

Aamir Sharif, a businessman who cast his vote in Shivajinagar, called it “a good step that gives one the choice and opportunity to make a statement.” Others like Sabita, a teacher, even called NOTA option the “right of every citizen”.