Newspaper reporter's job is the second worst in US: Study

Newspaper reporter's job is the second worst in US: Study

Newspaper reporter's job is the second worst career in the US, while that of a mathematician is the best, according to a study by CareerCast.

The job of a newspaper reporter is the second worst after that of lumberjack and it has "lost its lustre dramatically over the past five years is expected to plummet even further by 2022 as more and more print publications abandon operations", said the study.

This year's study has ranked 200 jobs and classified them as the best or the worst on the basis of five core criteria-- physical demand, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.

The job of taxi driver, broadcaster, head cook, flight attendant, garbage collector, firefighter and corrections officer are the other worst jobs in that order in the list of 10 worst jobs."Mathematicians rank among the more well-compensated in the 2014 Jobs Rated report.

The field also has a positive outlook for continued future growth," the study said. University professor is the next best. The work environment, high income earning potential and lower stress make professorship a desirable career.

Statistician, actuary, audiologist, dental hygienist, software engineer, computer systems analysts, occupational therapist and speech pathologist are the other jobs in the list of 10 best jobs.

According to the study, 2014 is a great time for careers in technology, education and sciences, as the top 10 jobs illustrate.

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