They get drinking water from drain

They get drinking water from drain

In Gajaladinne taps are installed in gutters

 The reason - taps are installed in the drainage itself. Obviosly, people are vulnerable to water-borne diseases easily.

National Rural Health Mission is being implemented in this village since 2005. The village coming under Dodda Hasala Gram Panchayat limits, is situated adjacent to National Highway 4. As one enters the village from National Highway on a sloping road, one could find taps installed in the open drainage. People collect water carefully guarding themselves from the stench emanating from the drainage. Scanty rains have resulted in depletion of groundwater table. Open wells have disappeared and borewells have dried up, compelling people to depend on tap water. While several villages in the district are plagued by water shortage, the problem in Gajaladinne is non-availability of safe water.

Gajaladinne, one of the eight villages in Dodda Hasala Gram Panchayat limits and located in the proximity of Kolar City has mud roads predominantly.  “We are compelled to collect water in drainage. Does anyone install taps in drainages?,” a villagers complained.

Taluk Health Officer Dr Narayanaswamy said that the Department has addressed the GPs to ensure supply of safe drinking water to the villages. “It would be Herculean task to control diarrhoea in case it surfaces due to unsafe water,” he said. Apprehending that contamination of potable water by drainage water would endanger public health, Dr Narayana swamy opined that the objective of National Rural Health Mission could be achieved only if the GPs work in tandem with the Health Department.