Some food for thought

Some food for thought

Those who create and add form to a dish often become sentimental about its appearance. And just to ensure that the ‘concoction’  does not remain a fleeting memory, chef’s have now started capturing their  creations through their personal lenses. 

But for a restaurateur to document food in varied contours, as it is found in different countries is still quite uncommon. 
Metrolife digs deeper into the phenomena of food photographs displayed as part of the ongoing exhibition Street Photography
A visit to the popular hangout Market Café in Greater Kailash - II and  the monochrome snapshots hung up across the place seize one’s attention. 
Be it a zoomed shot of a handcart full of lemon, a monkey with a water bottle in hand or a bird resting on a car’s bonnet with eyes in search of titbits – all in stark black and white but with the element of ‘food’ constant and imbuing the photos with a delicious tint.

The photographer-cum-restaurateur Madhushree Birla soon joins to share that she shot these pictures in Scotland, Cambodia, Turkey and India. 

Her travel trips are quite frequent allowing one to easily join the dots between her travelogues and her photography of various street foods. 

Madhushree, however, elucidates that “it is not just the range of food” that she had in mind but also “shots of food and people”. 

This is the reason she brings into focus the food vendors such as a lady and (supposedly) her daughter roasting corn on the cob on the roadside. 

A typical black umbrella guards the burning charcoal 

The older woman’s nose-ring shines even in the dark and her hand doesn’t forget to turn the corn cobs even while being photographed, lest they end up with a burnt look.
The virtual imagery brings a respite to the mind in Delhi’s hot summer as the eyes shift to a man wearing a hat. He is holding containers with ‘Palm Juice’ written on it and the shadow of tree leaves hide more than half of his face but his beaming smile is hard to miss. 

Even the man feeding bread crumbs to a bird enjoys a significant status in Madhushree’s photography as she recounts her long affair with the camera.

 “My memories with a camera go back to my teens, my first being the classic Roliflex. I was known to keep my camera always around my neck, whether we were at home 
or on a trip with the family.

”Consequently, her relationship strengthened and matured when she saw an exhibition.   
“It was a long time back but it left me inspired to put up some of my own pictures, which took me years. I had to break a rib and be homebound for three months to finally put together my maiden effort – ‘Eastbound’ with the help of Ajay Rajgaria. My lesson from planning that exhibition was that when you have the passion about something you must not waste years pursuing your dream,” she says informing about how the present exhibition came into existence and is quick to add that she is “hoping to have one on wildlife soon”. 

Street Photography is on display at Market Café, GK- II till April 30.

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