'I don't like to go bare-chested'

'I don't like to go bare-chested'

'I don't like to go bare-chested'
It’s not an easy task to manage a regular, successful career while pursuing your passion. But actor Jayaram Karthik, fondly called J Karthik or JK, has been juggling both to perfection. 
Jayaram Karthik, a structural engineer by profession, is the lead star of the popular TV series Ashwini Nakshatra and when he’s not acting, he’s busy doing a regular job. 
Jayaram confesses that his transition from a small screen to a big one wasn’t as tough as he thought it would be. 

“My stint in television and my negative role in Ashwini Nakshatra taught me a great deal about acting itself. It’s tougher to shoot for the small screen. You don’t have the luxury of time when you are working for television,” says Jayaram.

He has almost completed his next project in Kannada titled ‘Just Love’. In the film, he plays an ordinary guy who is disinterested in love but coincidently bumps into a girl while travelling and the two hit it off really well. 

“It’s a transformation of sorts of a tough guy who softens with passage of time. The role did well to tap the versatility in me,” he says.

He thinks beyond comedy or romance and is best suited for tough roles. 

His tough appearances in Varadhanayaka and the role of a cop in ‘Care of Foothpath’ have been appreciated. 

“Negative and tough roles really test your nerves and it gives me a high to slip into a cop’s uniform. I would like to experiment with as many roles and characters as possible. I don’t believe in getting stuck with a particular kind of role,” he notes. 

In another project titled, ‘Bangalore 23’, a remake of Tamil film, ‘Chennai 28’, Jayaram Karthik dons a funny character.
The project features all the players of ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ team of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) and the number 23 signifies the area code. 
The film captures all the happenings in that area. He will also start work on another project called, ‘Alex’ in Kannada, “I have some interesting projects and a few challenging roles to look forward to in Kannada,” he adds. 

Karthik is waiting for his next release, ‘Just Love’, where he was asked to shed a lot of weight. 
“I was asked to lose weight for a song that expected me to go bare-chested. For that, I switched to a complete fruit diet for a few weeks and that really worked. I don’t like to go bare-chested unless absolutely necessary,” he signs off. 

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