Anjum wants IPL-style event for women

Anjum wants IPL-style event for women

An IPL-style tournament will really uplift women’s cricket in India and prove to be a “huge hit”, former India skipper Anjum Chopra has said.

“An IPL-style tournament will really help women’s cricket in India. Especially because cricket is very popular in our country and in most parts of the world as well,” Anjum said.

Asked about the success of such a women’s cricket league, Chopra said, “As a sportsperson and sportscaster and somebody who believes that sports is a way to go I believe it will be a huge hit, not only in India but anywhere in the world.”

She said her mantra is, “You are born to succeed, not to fail. So when a sport gets mass coverage and popularity at a wider scale and with many leagues in different sports now coming up only goes to show that sport in India is gaining popularity.”

Anjum, who is one of the most known faces in Indian women’s cricket, hailed cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, saying he is the biggest name in cricket.

Commenting on India’s dismal performance at the women’s World T20 in Bangladesh, Anjum said that the players were not well prepared to take on the big teams.

Lack of international exposure and playing less as compared to other international teams also limits the growth.

The veteran batswoman also opined that the team has to put in a lot of hard work to make an impact at the 2016 World Cup that will be hosted by India.