For the love of music

For the love of music

The need for well-organised music events that respect both the artiste and listener is a rapidly growing one.

To be a college student trying to bridge that gap single-handedly is even more of a task, says Sachin Vijayapuram, a final-year BCom student of Jain College (Jayanagar) who runs the event management company ‘Warshack Productions’. 

“The company was started in 2013 and the initial idea was to provide gigs to the rock and metal capital of the country and support all the talent that has mushroomed here. My dream is to one day create an international platform for local talents,” he tells Metrolife. He feels that being a musician, he has an added advantage.

“Being a musician, I know just how musicians want their gigs to be. I specialise my gigs to entertain only the metal and rock crowd, which include all the sub-genres that come under it. I’ve also collaborated with other creative designers and studio owners to offer bands the best possible deals,” he notes. 

Elaborating the challenges of this job, Sachin adds, “I used to host gigs at Kyra with my band and the venue was a music catalyst in Bangalore. So my organising skills started then.

A year after my band split, I partnered with another guy who had the idea of forming an event company and hosted gigs with him. But I wanted to take things into my own hands, quit that company and after a lot of planning, put together Warshack Productions.” 

It’s important to know the City one is trying to promote a scene in. On Bangalore’s rapidly growing music scene, Sachin comments, “There are a lot of amazing bands forming and that means that the exposure to music and support being received is also increasing.

But what we need to do is support all these bands in whatever way we can — buying their albums, merchandise or most importantly, attending their gigs.

However, Bangalore requires more venues that support metal and rock.

They are all skeptical about the business aspect of these shows and that’s unfortunate.

” Being a relatively new company, Sachin has organised only one major rock gig under the banner, namely ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’, held at Tinga Tinga Bar recently.

“It featured ten amazing rock bands and the response was just outstanding! Watching 250 people attending the first gig I hosted was a great feeling. It was an even bigger honour to host a show that provided a platform for such amazing bands, both new and old alike. As for upcoming events, I’ll probably start planning after my final exams are done,” he shares.

He admits that balancing academics and work isn’t tough.

“It’s all about planning things ahead and allotting time slots. Both need time, dedication, concentration and determination to pursue. So it’s all about setting a time-table, be it mental or physical,” he says, adding that he plans to continue organising shows all his life.

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