A bit of skin show

A bit of skin show

If there’s one item of clothing that’s dominating store racks and ramps this season, it’s the crop top! 

Popular among women of all ages, all one needs is a reasonably fit midriff and confidence to pull off the cute yet bold look.

What makes it even more fun to wear is the fact that it can be mixed and matched with a variety of shorts, skirts and bottoms to suit every occasion. 

Monica Sangani, a young professional, says that having a crop top is an essential in one’s closet this summer. 

“I can’t find anything else to wear this season but crop tops. I find them really comfortable as a garment and what is really fun is to play around with the look depending on the occasion. One can wear it for a party, dinner or even a casual brunch,” she says.

Monica elaborates, “Pairing is extremely important when it comes to the overall outfit. 

I could wear crop tops with high-waist shorts if I was say, chilling on the beach or with friends. 

Or I could go for the country girl look and pair a bright colour crop top with a jumpsuit in a dark colour.

”Accessorising the look is another fun element of crop tops, points out Megha Bisaria, who sports them at casual outings. 

“I like to style crop tops with cute earrings or long neckpieces, a sling bag and a nice pair of jeans. As an outfit, they look feminine yet not too dressy, which is perfect. Instead of busy prints, I opt for crops tops with light, subtle patterns,” says Megha, adding, “wearing them with denim jackets or shrugs can also look nice and not make it too revealing if the wearer isn’t comfortable with skin show. 

Another trick is to wear high-waist jeans or coloured pants and cover up the extra fat.” Many believe that crop tops, which show off the midriff, are only for skinny people. But Purvika, a student, refutes this. 

She says, “Even people with heavy hips and tummies can wear them as it’s essentially about the waistline. Also, there are a lot of exercises one can do to lose tummy fat, improve the waistline and wear it more confidently.

”Sindhur Hegde, who runs a women’s fashion brand called ‘Fiori’, admits that crop tops have taken over her wardrobe as they’re ideal for summer. 

“Crops tops are fresh, versatile and easy to wear. Ever since designers sent bare midriffs down their spring runways, crop tops have gone on to rule the red carpet, style blogs and popular brands. And with young, stylish stars like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens sporting them, the style currently reigns as one of summer’s hottest trends.The trick is to wear them with skirts and trousers that come over the navel to reveal just a hint of skin,” says the designer. 

“Maybe it’s another reason to stop binging on food and tightening those abs this season!” she wraps up.

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