Don't vote for 'outsiders', says Priyanka in Amethi

Don't vote for 'outsiders', says Priyanka in Amethi

Don't vote for 'outsiders', says Priyanka in Amethi

Campaigning for her brother Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi today asked the electorate here not to vote for "outsiders", an apparent reference his rivals Smriti Irani of BJP and AAP's Kumar Vishwas.

Priyanka sought to strike an emotional chord with the electorate by invoking her family's ties with the region saying Amethi was a "holy land" for her family and described Rahul as a visionary like their father Rajiv Gandhi.

"Many candidates come here and say that there is no electricity or no development here. I want to ask the candidate who contested from Chandni Chowk (Lok Sabha constituency in Delhi), whether she went there again after the polls," she said.
Actor-turned politician Smriti Irani had unsuccessfully contested the 2004 elections from Chandni Chowk and has been fielded against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in these polls.

Priyanka said she was sure that people of Amethi would be able to distinguish between "drama and reality" during the elections.

Aam Aadmi Party's Kumar Vishwas is also in the fray in the prestigious seat.
Seeking to showcase her brother's achievements in the seat, she said Rahul has done so much for the area that she had to bring a long list of works done by him.
"I can remember the development works done in Rae Bareli, but here so much of work has been done that I have to bring a long list with me," Priyanka said.

She said that Rahul was responsible for bringing milk revolution in the region whereas earlier milk was brought to Amethi from outside.

She said Rahul was a "far-sighted" leader like their father Rajiv Gandhi.

"When Rajiv Gandhi started talking about computers and IT revolution, people started criticising him. Now, when Rahul talks about bring changes, the same set of people are attacking him too," Priyanka said.