BWSSB 'helpless' against illegal water connections

BWSSB 'helpless' against illegal water connections

Notices have no effect on offenders; Board talks of giving 'enough time'

BWSSB 'helpless' against illegal water connections

Water theft continues to occur in Ashwini Layout and VGS Layout near Ejipura, in spite notices issued by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to over 32 residents a month ago. 

Many residents in this area have been using motor pumps and drawing directly from the Board’s main water lines, which has affected the water supply to other residents, who have been denied of adequate supply of water.

Shortage of supply

One of the residents say that they hardly receive 200 litres of water per day. “As soon as the supply starts, many residents here switch on their illegally fitted motors and draw all the water.  By the time it reaches our residences, the supply is almost exhausted,” he added. The resident said that though he has taken a legal water connection from the BWSSB, he is buying water from private water tankers as the supply is not enough. 

“I have spent nearly Rs 2,500 this month on buying water from tankers,” he added.BWSSB sent notices to residents on March 24, stating that they should remove the motors in the next three days or a fine of Rs 20,000 may be imposed on the offender as per the rules of BWSSB. However, no action was taken by the official, citing election duty and other responsibilities. The official has also stated that they cannot just go around and remove the motors as there are chances of a backlash by the residents. He said the issue has to be carefully handled and enough time had to be given to residents to voluntarily remove their illegal pumps.

However, T Venkataraju, engineer-in-chief, BWSSB said that he is aware of the problems in Ashwini Layout and that they will start penalising the residents shortly.

‘Time needed’

“We have been receiving many complaints from all parts of the City. We are looking into each complaints and also studying the pipeline network to increase the supply of water in Ashwini Layout. It will take some time for the supply to increase,” he added.However, BWSSB’s executive engineer of the area said that he is planning to issue a second round of notices to the residents to remove their pumps. 

“We are not able to increase the water supply to the area as the new water project is meant only for the newly added areas. Although we are aware of the illegal drawing of water, we are not able to remove these pumps,” said the helpless official.