Surprise holiday plan for sons spoilt

Last Updated 28 April 2014, 14:32 IST
Prabhu Deva had planned an elaborate holiday for himself and his two sons for their summer vacations. 

But it went all awry when his friend in Chennai lost their passports. 

“It was my friend in Chennai who not only lost my passport, but my sons’ passports as well. I wanted to take them to Disneyland in Florida and other places after attending the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Weekend and Awards,” said Prabhu Deva. 
“Luckily I had not told my sons about the planned holiday. I wanted to give them a surprise. Had they known about the holiday in advance, they would have been very disappointed on it being cancelled,” he said.

The actor-choreographer-film-maker now sees a larger plan in this aborted trip.

“How can all our three passports be lost together unless there was a hidden reason for it? My sons and I were not meant to go on this trip. I feel that is why this happened. I will just spend some time with them and maybe plan another trip later. The new passports will take another ten days,” he said.

Doesn’t Prabhu feel like taking a family holiday with a lady also in the family? 

“I know what you are hinting at. It’s not as if I have not had relationships. I have been single for the last two years. And that’s because these past two years have been a time of unprecedented work for me. Where would I have found time for a relationship? I am getting old now. Soon, it would be time for my sons to have girlfriends,” he said.
Curiously, none of his sons have shown any inclination to put on their father’s dancing shoes. 

“They are very young right now. I will let them decide what they want to do. Although I followed my father’s (dancing) footsteps, it isn’t necessary that my sons do the same.”
(Published 28 April 2014, 14:32 IST)

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