'I believe in quality, not quantity'

'I believe in quality, not quantity'

'I believe in quality, not quantity'
Tamil actress Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar confesses that she couldn’t have had a better debut in the Kannada film industry than in Sudeep’s directorial Maanikya. 

“It’s a cute role I play in Maanikya. It’s a total break from all my previous roles and that makes it all the more special. I play a village belle who is not only traditional but is mischievous and naughty in her own way,” Varalaxmi  tells Metrolife.

Talking more about the project, she shares, “It’s a village setting and the story has a couple of interesting twists and turns. 

Acting with Sudeep for the first time has been a rewarding experience. In fact, Sudeep brought out the best in me and taught me how to be shy.

” Varalaxmi further states that before working with Sudeep she had heard so much about his angry young man image, and that he is a task master. “But I got a different impression of him when I worked with him. There are so many senior actors in the film but none of us felt out of place. We bonded so well,” she adds.   

Varalaxmi observes that as a director Sudeep knows each one’s strength and so effortlessly brings out the best in people. 

“He knows exactly how to get it out of you and he will,” she adds. Varalaxmi is no stranger to the Kannada film industry. Her father has a close friends’ circle in the City and she too has over time built her network of friends here. 

“After working in the project, I have a lot of reasons to return to the City, for my friends here are more like family now,” she shares.  

Varalaxmi plays the role of a dancer in her next project Tharai Thappattai. 

“I have been dancing for as long as I can remember  and that’s my basic line before entering the film industry. I spent a better part of my childhood juggling between dance classes and theatre,” she says confidently.   

And Varalaxmi has always been clear about what she wants to do though she does not have a long list of projects to flaunt. “I believe in quality, not quantity. More than anything, I can easily adapt to changes, am easy-going and never fussy. I see that as my strength,” she notes.   
Varalaxmi thinks that there’s no compromise on hard work. 

The young actress confesses that she’s on her own when it comes to choosing her projects and seeks her father’s advice only when it is absolutely necessary. 

“My father has taught me to be on my own and that has helped me take a lot of important steps in my life,” she signs off. 

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