'Definite leads in British national's death'

'Definite leads in British national's death'

The Delhi police claim to have got “definite leads” in the case of a British national whose mutilated body was found outside a shop at south-east Delhi’s Bhogal, although no arrests have been made yet.

Investigators are looking into various possibilities such as murder after robbery or a drug deal gone wrong. However, senior police officers are cautious about revealing much till they have cracked the entire case.

As of now, several people, including auto drivers and locals, have been questioned to check if anyone had seen the assailants dumping the blue bag at the spot.

“We suspect that the victim could have been killed after robbery or it could have been the fallout of a drug deal, but nothing can be said as of now. But we have got definite leads and are close to cracking the case,” a senior police officer told Deccan Herald.He said the CCTV cameras along the possible routes taken by those who dumped the body there have been checked for footage. “We are also contacting people and shopkeepers on those routes to find possible eyewitnesses,” the officer added.“The British embassy was contacted and the victim’s family has been informed,” the officer said. The 40-year-old victim Rodick Andrew Reymond’s family is likely to arrive in Delhi soon.

Police suspect Reymond reached Delhi about two to three days ago. He had arrived in Mumbai on February 14 this year to tour the country. “He had briefly visited Chennai and Goa after arriving at Mumbai,” said another officer privy to the case.The incident came to light on Sunday morning after two security guards at a car workshop discovered a large blue plastic bag with the body of a foreign national wrapped in it.

Police took over the body that had several injury marks on it, including some burns on the face. The body is currently being kept at a mortuary in AIIMS.