Sufi melodies to power a cause

Sufi melodies to power a cause

Amidst the many celebrations in the City ahead of the World Dance Day, there were few that endeavoured to be in sync with the theme and yet serve a social cause.

One of these was an event titled ‘Sufiaana’ which combined the creativity of dance and music with the goodness of charity.  

Organised by Ammucare Charitable Trust (ACT) along with Earth Saviour Foundation, the evening was a perfect outing for aficionados of sufi as Ragini Rainu and Shovana Narayan enthralled them with their talent.

After the traditional lighting of the lamp, the evening commenced with young sufi singer Ragini Rainu's performance. Her rendition of the kalaam Sohne Yaar Di Gadoli by Sachal Sarmasth gave a befitting start to the occasion.
Soon the artiste sang Baba Bulleshah's kalaam Utth Chale Gawanda Yaar leading the audience into a trance that sufi music creates.

The popular sufi kalaam Chhap Tilak brought audiences back to the present and let them hum along with her.

Almost everyone enjoyed this and her next Heer Raanjha which is based on the folk lore of two lovers.

Ragini continued to weave magic with her superlative performance, bringing it to a crescendo with  Dama Dum Mast Kalandar and ending it on a high note even as the audience hoped in vain for an encore.

Yet, those present applauded her and her team of musicians - Jeetu Gawa (keyboard), Pravin Sethi (tabla), Vishal (dholak), Manmohan Singh (octopad), Sonu (dhol), Rafi Khan (harmonium), Amit (guitar), Vipin (base guitar), Himanshu (keyboard) and Suresh
(sound board).

The Sufiaana magic of her sur-laya-taal was followed by a mesmerising Kathak recital by danseuse Shovana Narayan.

Accompanied by Shakeel Ahmed on tabla, Vijay Sharma on sitar and Madhu Prasad, the artiste presented some of her rare acts that she used to perform in the ’70s.

She presented some parts based on Khalil Gibran's work that she choreographed in 1973 and some others on Omar Khayyam's work devised in 1978.

“I have been personally touched by the works of greats like Khalil Gibran, Rumi and Omar Khayyam and therefore conveyed their ultimate message to the wider audience through my dance," said the dancer whose soulful act on 'Sacrifice.., Buddha's Journey.., Arjuna's Varchasv from Mahabharata..' among others left the audience craving for more.

Ragini Rainu on the other hand expressed her gratitude at being “able to do something for the people from Earth Saviour Foundation through my performance. In all it was an amazing and uplifting experience for me,” she said.

During the fag end of the evening, Sakshi Gupta, president of Ammucare Charitable Trust thanked the team, volunteers and all associated with the event to make it a successful endeavour.

She said, “Ragini is a good friend and a great performer and she lived up to the expectations. Shovanaji has been inspiration to one and all and I feel honoured to have her for this charity programme in aid of the Earth Saviour Foundation.”

Spotted during the evening were personalities like Michael Steiner (German Ambassador to India) and his better half Eliese Steiner, Pt Bhajan Sopori, Prof Arpana Sopori, Herbert Traxl, Abhay Rustum Sopori, Sakshi Gupta, Shalu Sabharwal, Saby Singh, Ravi Kalra, Jatinder Vir Singh, Avikar Raj and Ajay Aggarwal among many others.