UTI subscribers to be reimbursed

UTI subscribers to be reimbursed

'The money would be refunded by April 30'

The funds that were deducted from accounts of the Senior Citizens Unit Plan (SCUP) subscribers, a Unit Trust of India (UTI) health scheme, will be reimbursed and beneficiaries will also be paid the amount they have shelled out from their own pockets as the New India Assurance Company (NIAC) has been asked to resolve the matter with immediate effect. 

“We have asked the NIAC to take a look into the matter. The money would be refunded by April 30,”a UTI spokesperson said on Tuesday. 

The spokesperson further added that the NIAC, the body associated with the scheme, has been asked to re-open cases and settle dues. Besides, the UTI confirmed that a circular was sent by the NIAC stating that a maximum upper limit upto which subscribers could avail benefits was Rs 25,000 ( while the actual upper limit was 1.5 lakh under the SCUP scheme).

Further, hospitals that were empanelled under the scheme told beneficiaries that they could only avail facilities worth Rs 25,000, beyond which, they had to pay from their own pockets. The issue had propped up after the circular was sent by the NIAC. “Other cases with similar problems would also be addressed. Everybody can re-claim their money,” the spokesperson added.

Padmanabha Arkalgud, 78, a subscriber from the City, who had earlier faced similar problems said that he was assured that the issue would be looked into. “Officials from the head office of the UTI had assured us that the NIAC will address the issue immediately. Thankfully, the amount would be refunded,” he said. 

“Many others who have lost money and have faced similar problems will be benefitted if the issue is addressed uniformly,” Padmanabha said.
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Deccan Herald had earlier reported on the irregularities in the implementation of this health scheme for senior citizens that has over 20,000 subscribers across the country. Amounts of Rs 500, Rs 600 and more were deducted from the accounts of various beneficiaries without valid reasons.