There is difference between a paper tiger and Royal Bengal Tiger

There is difference between a paper tiger and Royal Bengal Tiger

There is difference between a paper tiger and Royal Bengal Tiger

Nursing national ambitions, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee today took another swipe at BJP Prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi saying there was a difference between a 'paper tiger' and a Royal Bengal Tiger.

"Don't they know that there is difference between a paper tiger and a Royal Bengal tiger. In Bengal there is a Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sunderbans," Banerjee, the Chief Minister told an election meeting here in Purulia district.

She also alleged that those who were divisive, caused riots and were racists could not constitutionally ascend to the Prime Minister's chair.

"Those who cause riots between Hindus and Muslims and stoke racism and divide Bengalis and non-Bengalis have no right legally or constitutionally to sit in the PM's chair," Banerjee said.

"Keep it mind that the game is not so easy. The architects of the Constitution like Baba Saheb Ambedkar envisaged secularism to be an adhesive force for a multi-religious and pluralistic Indian society. Preamble of the Constitution says our Constitution is secular," Banerjee said.

Stating that the Trinamool Congress was for a unified country, she referred to people from the state being packed off in trains from Mumbai and Delhi and said that none had the right to drive out anyone from any part of India.

"Did you not know many people from Purulia were packed off in trains and sent back here? Is it true or not? Will you vote for them?  Have you forgotten the BJP people?"
She alleged that when elections were at hand the same tactics were being used.

Alleging that the BJP was trying to incite riots, Banerjee said "We have not forgotten the Gujarat riots.

"If any incident happens, people take lessons and try to rectify them. Instead of doing so too many incidents have taken place after that."

Claiming that when there was no political issues to fight with, canards were spread with the help of a section of the media, she said "Keep it in mind, those who do not have anything to say politically, by paying money to some channels and newspapers spread canards and do character assassination."

Stating that she was above such tactics as she worked for the people, she claimed that the Trinamool Congress would make a sweep in the state and give a fitting reply to the BJP and the Congress.

Alleging links between Maoists and CPI(M), Banerjee said "I am keeping information. Place a landmine in Mamata Banerjee's meeting and create unrest in junglemahal. The job of the CPI(M) is to act as a vote spoiler."

Stating that her government's priority was stability of rule, economic stability and working for the people, she also dwelt on the Centre deducting interest of huge loans taken by the earlier Left Front government.

She said that peace had been restored in junglemahal and terror would not be allowed to return.

"I salute those who fought against them (Maoists) risking their lives," she added.