To create perfect harmony

To create perfect harmony

This Akshaya Tritiya, C Krishniah Chetty & Sons is presenting the second edition of the Navayoni Sri Chakra Yantra.

It comes in limited edition with only 999 pieces.

This authentic triangular three-dimensional scientific instrument is made in precise geometry to attract positive energies. It is the holy abode of goddess Tripura Sundari.

Therefore, even Lord Brahma, Lord Maheswari, Lord Krishna and all gods derive energy from this complex construction called the Sri Yantra.

The benefits that one can expect from it are balam (strength), aayushyam (longevity), tejaha (brilliance), shraddham (dedication), vidhyam (knowledge), medha (intellect), budhim (intelligence), yashaha (success), pragnya (wisdom), shreyam (fortune) and arogyam (health).

Understanding the need for perfect harmony in the consumer’s lives, managing director C Vinod Hayagriv conceptualised, detailed and made this under his supervision with the co-operation of senior ‘pundits’, merchandisers and designers to create the ‘Navayoni Sri Chakra-Yantra’.

It is a specially prepared nine-metal alloy.

Some of the special metals in this nine-metal wonder include gold, sterling silver and other non-nickel metals in a special alloy.

Keeping in mind eco-friendly metal compositions and healthy piousness of metals, this Yantra has been painstakingly crafted with non-cadmium, non-nickel alloy in a proprietary composition.

A high quality EF VVS diamond has been carefully placed on top of the geometrical prism at the apex of the Yantra  to attract the energies from the northern directions.

 It is available at an introductory offer of Rs 9,999 till Akshaya Tritiya 2014. After Akshaya Tritiya, the cost will be Rs 12,999.