Ushering in prosperity

Ushering in prosperity

Ushering in prosperity

Akshaya Tritiya is here again and purchases are going on with great enthusiasm. The fascination for gold jewellery has always been high in the South of the country and women love to invest in it as well as flaunt it.

Many like Arvind Bakliwal, an industrialist, will be purchasing a small amount of gold like in the past.

“I can’t point out if following this tradition has helped me or not but I have always done it as a ritual. I hope that it will bring in prosperity for me and my family while doing this,” he says.

Arvind points out that akshaya means never-ending or something that will not diminish, and he hopes that he will be blessed with everlasting health and wealth.

Others like Niru Agarwal, a trustee at a school, say that she’s been buying gold on this auspicious day for a while. “I’ve always bought coins for this day.

Gold is pure and I hope that buying it will bring purity and sanctity in our lives,” she says.

She adds that it is a custom to buy gold during Deepavali and Akshaya Tritiya and Niru followed the tradition that her mother-in-law observed.

This day is considered as a blessed day for new ventures too.

Varun Kumar, a young businessman, says that he will be buying at least a gold coin for the occasion.

“I just started a business a month back and I am hoping for goodness and prosperity throughout,” he says.

For most youngsters, this is just another day though. Shruthi, a final-year student, is passionate about junk jewellery and so purchasing gold doesn’t interest her.

 “But my mother will be purchasing it as it is considered a sacred day. She’s been doing it for years now,” she says. Gold dealers are seeing good business with the different discounts and offers on purchases.

Kushal, a manager with Sri Krishna Diamonds & Jewellery, Commercial Street, said that there have been lot of pre-bookings for the day.

 “We started our bookings from last month. Many times, when people are shopping for rings or bangles, they aren’t able to find one of their own size, so many bookings for such jewellery were done before hand for this day,” he says.

He adds that the polling season has affected the sales and the price of gold is another factor that might effect the sales, but the company is very hopeful.

It’s not only gold that people opt to buy for this special occasion, but also silver.

Nagaraj, proprietor of Sunrise Jewellers, Avenue Road, says that there is always a boom in sales during this season.

“Due to the elections, we were not able to produce enough to supply.

There have been pre-bookings from the past 15 days, for puja items like lamps and diyas,” he says.

He adds that there are good offers and discounts on at the store and customers are flowing in.

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