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Seeking answers

Watch the third part of Biography: Stephen Hawking — Master of the Universe on December 10 at 9 pm on Fox History and Entertainment. In this series, Stephen addresses some fundamental questions about our existence. How did the universe begin? How will it end? What was there before it?

The series charts Hawking’s lifelong quest for a ‘Theory of Everything’ that could explain anything from supernovae, black holes, to the infinitesimally small sub-atomic world.

Home of superlatives

National Geographic invites you to explore Dubai, a place with the most amusing  wonders with the show, Megastructures: Inside Dubai- Miracle or Mirage? From ski slopes in the desert to man-made islands grouped to look like continents, Dubai is like no other place in the world.

Surrounded by war zones, Dubai is an oasis of calm and the home of superlatives — the biggest building, the largest airport, the tallest hotel, the biggest mall, the richest horse race... the list just goes on. But it is also home to hundreds of thousands of migrant labourers with little or no rights. They, along with other expats, are transforming Dubai into an economic and tourist spot. The programme airs on December 10 at 9 pm. 

Rare species

Natural World airs on December 10 at 10 pm on Animal Planet. The show tells the story of one man’s mission to save a doomed species, the rarest bird in North America — the Whooping Crane.

Dressed in Whooping Crane costume, Canadian Bill Lishman, guides his way through every stage of their development. He then leads them thousands of miles across the bustle of modern America and some of its most beautiful landscapes, to new breeding grounds in Florida.

Going on a million dollar vacation 

Tune into Discovery Travel and Living on December 10 at 9 pm for Super Swank. This episode brings millionaires who own huge houses, have high standards when it comes to renting vacation homes.  Nothing less than the biggest, best and most opulent will do for the jet-set crowd. Visit a private paradise in the Bahamas, a luxurious villa in Barbados and a 14,000 square foot palace in Las Vegas.

And if none of those will do, there is always the house that Cher used to live in — and if that wasn’t enough, Cher’s house is up for rent.

Reaching out to masses

Bollywood’s queen Katrina, who was down with jaundice made time for one of television’s biggest awards night — the ninth Indian Television Academy Awards(ITA).
Reportedly, the rehearsals for the ITA continued amidst great uncertainty on whether or not Katrina, who was recuperating from a severe jaundice for more than a fortnight, would attend the event. But Katrina finally made it along with Ranbir Kapoor, who
specially flew down to Mumbai from Bangkok for the event.

Both the actors felt that it was important for them to reach out to the masses and be a part of a television biggest awards night, knowing the impact that television has today. The awards gave Ranbir and Katrina their first win in the year for Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani.

The proud producer and director, Tauranis and Raj Kumar Santoshi grined ear-to-ear when the actors were felicitated as Entertainers of the Year for their film Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani. To catch all gossip, masala and entertainment, watch the ninth ITA on December 13 at 9 pm on Star Plus.