Girl was to get married soon

Girl was to get married soon

Girl was to get married soon

Bangalore-based software engineer Swathi (24) was on her way to visit her parents ahead of her marriage, when she met with a tragic end following the blasts on the Bangalore-Guwahati Superfast Express on Thursday.

Another IT company staffer from Bangalore, Jitendranath Deka, who was commuting by the same train to Assam, escaped with injuries on his limbs. He was going to attend his father’s death anniversary.

Swathi, who was planning to marry her classmate in the next couple of months, had taken a week’s leave to spend time with her parents and family members at Guntur. “We had alr­e­ady fixed her marriage. No one should face this type of situati­on,” her mother Kamakshi said.

Meanwhile, Deka (51), a graphic designer in a software firm in Mahadevapura, recalled the horrifying experience. “The train reached Chennai Central station around 7:05 am and I was about to get up. There was a huge noise and it took me a little time to realise that it was a blast. The explosion took place in the coach next to mine,” he told Deccan Herald over phone from Chennai.

“The situation turned chaotic as everybody inside the coach started running helter-skelter. I could not make out what was happening. I sustained injuries on my left hand and both legs.

 Soon, medical staff and the police were seen with oxygen machines. The injured were taken to a hospital for treatment,” he added. Deka’s wife, Deepika, said he had wanted the whole fam­ily to travel to Assam with him. “Finally, he decided to travel alone as our children are preparing for exams,” the homemaker, a resident of Murp­hy Town in Ulsoor, told Deccan Herald. 

She also said, “My husband called up around 7:45 am and said there was some bad news. I couldn’t make out what he was trying to say. All hell broke loose when he said there was a blast in the train he was travelling in.”