Janata Darshan success rate 23 pc, hype notwithstanding

Janata Darshan success rate 23 pc, hype notwithstanding

Applicants can track status of cases on helpline; system to go online soon.

For nine days in the last 10 months, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has met the common man to redress grievances during the Janata Darshan at his official residence ‘Krishna’. 

However, despite the hype and best efforts, the success rate of grievance redress is just 23.47 per cent.

Since July 5, 2013, when Siddaramaiah conducted his first Janata Darshan (meet the public programme), the number of applications and memorandums from the common man has grown exponentially. From a mere 83 applications on July 5, 2013, the number has gone up to 513 on January 31.

Janata Darshan is organised by the chief minister’s office depending on the availability of the chief minister in Bangalore, for resolving problems of the people who are unable to cut through bureaucratic red-tape. 

According to officials in the chief minister’s office, most applications which come during the Janata Darshan pertain to either seeking monetary relief under the chief minister’s relief fund (CMRF) or seeking nominations to boards and corporations. 

On January 31 alone, 101 cases out of the 513 applications were for seeking monetary relief. While the monetary relief cases are dispatched to the CMRF department, the applications seeking nominations to boards and corporations are sent to the chief minister’s political office. 

Filtering them out, the total applications pertaining to genuine cases of distress amount to 2,300. Of these, 540 cases have been taken into consideration by the departments concerned, to whom the memorandums were dispatched by the chief minister with directions to resolve them. It is said that in another 423 cases, action has been initiated by the officials concerned and that the applicants will soon get responses.

From October 2013, use of technology has been initiated by the chief minister’s office handling the Janata Darshan cases. 

By way of an internal software called ‘e-Spandana’, the chief minister’s office has been dispatching them to the departments concerned. With the help of this technology, the government has been able to keep track of the applications and their status. 

While the chief minister’s office has been trying to make the process transparent, with speedier disposal of files, in quite a few cases it is required that the officials concerned are sent repeated reminders.

“Our aim at the Janata Darshan is to resolve the issues which reach the chief minister and not punish the officials for delay. We try to put pressure on them by sending constant reminders. Invariably, they work after three or more reminders,” said Additional Secretary to the chief minister (Janata Darshan) Dr H Bheemsen Rao.

Every applicant, under the new system, is given a token number. The token number can be used by the applicant to keep track of his/her file. 

The chief minister’s office has also opened a helpline under the system for the applicants to call and find out the status of the cases. The system may be made available to the common man to access it online in future.

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