Upping the style quotient

Upping the style quotient

Telly review

Messy hair, punk clothes and gothic makeup making way for alluring gowns, couture clothing and classy makeup is what makes up TLC’s new show — Celebrity Style Story. With everybody hooked on to being fashionable these days, here’s a show that traces the fashion history of some noted celebrities in Hollywood.

The show follows a celebrity, from the beginning of their career, progressing into their highs and lows, hits and misses with fashion, and the reasons for it. Ravishing celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and many more are featured here.

The show analyses every part of a celebrity’s appearance — hair, makeup, dresses, shoes, jewellery and brings in fashion designers, style editors, hair stylists and fashion journalists to look at a star’s fashion sense with a keen eye. The show, spread a little over 20 minutes, encapsulates photographs of celebrities, their red-carpet appearances, interview clips and a fashion panel, and promises a wholesome entertainment package.

Airing every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm, Celebrity Style Story is your weekend dose of fashion. Look forward to this show if you want to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of hair, makeup and clothing. The show is diverse and includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood strutting it out in designer dresses and expensive baubles.

One of the episodes showcases the beautiful Jennifer Aniston’s rise to stardom with her unique sense of fashion. The TV shows she started her career with weren’t the only ones that failed — her bushy hairstyle and love for mommy jeans took a fashion dive too. She turned her career and her fashion sense around when she was cast for the famous show, Friends, as Rachel Greene. Her personality got a huge boost and the ‘Rachel’ haircut became a standard in many hair salons. She went on to conquer the silver screen with successful movies like Bruce Almighty, Marley And Me, We are the Millers and He’s Just Not That Into You.

But sadly, she couldn’t translate that kind of success into a decent dressing sense. She regained her position back with a mesmerising Versace halter-neck white gown with her perfect blonde hair set beautifully at another event. While hitting rock-bottom with her marriage to Brad Pitt after five years, she soared high in terms of fashion.

Also, check out the amazing journey of the Titanic girl — Kate Winslet, who took her own chances with fashion — see-through shirts, black lips and weird hair colours. Her big ticket to fame was the epic Titanic and even with the extreme recognition, she didn’t play it safe. With every Oscar nomination, she also moved ahead in her style of dressing. With customised gowns and beautiful hair-dos, she changed into a total diva.

Natalie Portman was just another kid on the block, who had just moved to New York from Israel. She turned down several modelling offers and focused on prepping herself for acting. With a bob and no sense of fashion, she stumbled her way through various appearances. Be it a black and white outrageous fur coat or an ill-fitting blue lace gown, she missed it in all the places. The world loved it when she went bald for the film V for Vendetta and then had a pixie hair style.

Celebrity Style Story is for those who love their celebrities and fashion. It doesn’t give you a detailed take on a star, but it skims through their lives and puts up the interesting parts on the show. Catch this show to know about your favourite star’s evolving fashion sense.