Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

At a time when mails, text messages and social media posts are taking predominance over the practice of writing letters and making cards, Suresh, an advertising professional, has not let technology get the better of his passion, which is creating handmade cards for his friends and family.

Quirky, interesting, colourful and laced with great humour, these cards can make anyone’s day. Suresh writes interesting messages on the cards and makes caricatures to add to the look and feel of the card.

“I always wanted to get into advertising, but when I approached a few companies, I was told that I needed to have an art background. That is when I started cartooning and writing jingles and one-liners. Slowly, I started making cards for some of my friends and family members. They really liked it and wanted me to make more of them,” he says.

“It is a great stress-buster and I am very passionate about it. Besides making me popular with my friends, it has brought me a lot of joy. It is because of these cards that I met my wife, she really appreciates, encourages and admires my work and I have realised that I haven’t made cards for her of late,” he quips.

So what does it take to make something which is so personal and requires loads of creativity? Suresh informs that it needs time, passion and most importantly, a sense of humour.

“I give these cards to people who will enjoy having them and who will take my sense of humour and jokes in a good spirit. I like using the pencil and paper. I also use crayons to add colour to what I sketch. Later, I write  messages on them. I try to make the messages catchy so that there is a smile on the person’s face when he or she receives it. It is important that a person connects to the card and hence I try to draw caricatures in some of the cards,” says Suresh.

He feels that making hand-made cards is better than gifting something bought from a mall. His messages have an element of fun but not always does he make cards which are funny. “I remember one of my friends had asked me to make a card for one of his friends as their relationship was getting strained. I made a four-series card for his friend. Not only did their relationship improve, his friend started waiting for cards every week. I feel that cards are the best way to patch things up between two people,” he notes.

Ask him about the kind of cards he enjoys making the most and he instantly says he likes romantic ones the best. He explains that many of his friends have kept the cards that he has given them and often ask him if he is still making them. Suresh has made over 7,000 cards and is all set to make more of them.

“I make cards from my heart. The messages that I write on these cards are very personal. I feel that cards bought from the stores cannot be compared to the hand-made ones as they are extremely special. Also, they are based on a particular situation and that is what makes them so special,” he explains.

He adds that though technology can be very helpful for a creative person, he chooses to make use of the good old pencil as it cannot be replaced with the mouse. “I believe in customisation and that can be done only with a paper and a pen. I have also started making cards in Bengali as I can manage to read and write the language.

I have painted on glass mugs and want to try my hand at tattoos too. Some of the best cards that I have made have been gifted to one of my close friends. It feels nice that people appreciate me for the cards that I make for them. Some of the cards have been done on the spot and have come out very well,” he sums up.