For now, kin take care of orphaned kids

For now, kin take care of orphaned kids

For now, kin take care of orphaned kids

It was fire everywhere and my father pulled us (brothers) out and huddled in a corner to save us from the flames. So, we could survive”.

This was how Myfoz, the eldest among the five children, described the incident that left him and his two siblings orphaned.

On that ill-fated day, March 31, the seven-member family of Afzal Pasha and Shireen Taj couple was burnt alive by their neighbour family.

The couple, along with their five children Myfoz, aged nine years, Shoaib eight years, Yusuf, five years, Saif, four years and Masood three years, were in deep sleep at their house (10ftx10ft dimension) in Ghousianagar, when death came calling.

For Myfoz, who is still under medication, post discharge, the gory incident is fresh in his memory.

“My father (Afzal Pasha) forced us to hide behind a drum in the house, while he tried to break the asbestos sheet roof.

When repeated attempts to break open the main door too proved futile (as the accused in the case had bolted the door from outside), my father hit the roof hard to wake up the neighbours”, Myfoz recalled.

By the time Afzal could rescue his two other children — Saif and Yusuf, who died later at the hospital — they had suffered severe burns in their sleep itself.

When Myfoz opened his eyes later, he was in the hospital. Myfoz, who is yet to recover, has a  scar to show on his   left leg.

The burns are yet to heal. Though his brother Shoaib is also out of the hospital, he has to be taken to the JSS Hospital, once in four days for treatment.


For Myfoz and his brothers, paternal grandmother Ameena Bhanu and uncle Abdul Rahim are the caretakers for now.

However, Bhanu has plans to shift to another house along with the grandchildren.

Rahim, who is a plumber, has a family with three children to take care of, explains Bhanu.
However, they recall the help rendered by Anjuman Islami, an organisation that has till now taken care of the medical expenditure and also funeral services totalling Rs 2.5 lakh.

Pasha, who was unsure of his survival, had told his mother and brother to take care of the children, without entrusting them to others.

The accused in the case Haseena, Jabeena, Aizaz, Adil, Wasim and Syed have been already arrested and remanded to judicial custody.