Car owners have it tough with increasing auto thefts

Car owners have it tough with increasing auto thefts

Car owners have it tough with increasing auto thefts

Over 70 vehicles on an average were stolen daily in the national capital in the first four months this year, according to Delhi Police official data.

From January 1 to April 30, a total of 9,546 vehicles were reported to be stolen in various parts of Delhi.

The data further says that most cases of vehicle theft were reported in the east district.
 As many as 1,487 vehicles were stolen in the span of 122 days during the period.

Other districts that recorded high number of such thefts in four months were west district - 1,382 vehicles, north-east district 1,254, south-east district with 1,178 and the outer district reported 1,005.

 In the posh south district, 915 vehicles were robbed while south-west district recorded 564 such cases.

However, the high-security New Delhi district, with VIP areas like the Parliament Street, Chankyapuri and Connaught Place, recorded the lowest number of such cases with only 93 vehicles reported stolen from the area.

The residents of the area where the number has been highest, say that these thefts are obvious to take place as there is a lack of proper parking places and people are bound to park their vehicles far from their residence.

“Apart from those living in secure apartments, rest have to park vehicles away from their residences. Here there are no public parking places with appropriate security.

There are no gates in the residential area and therefore the vehicles are parked on its owner’s risk, such incidents can’t be prevented”, said a resident of Mayur Vihar in East Delhi.

Other areas with less number of such cases, were central district - 462 vehicles, North district - 458 vehicles, North-West district - 722 vehicles.

Dinesh Verma, a resident of Nangloi area in west Delhi, where the second largest number of such cases were reported, said, “The area is not very well developed and also houses are not very well made. Area has narrow lanes and only two- wheelers can be parked here.”

“ Cars, jeeps and other space acquiring vehicles are parked away from our sight. Such incidents have become regular in the area and vehicles once gone are rarely recovered,” he added.