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Isolated hill resort

There are no direct buses from Chikmagalur to the hill resort of Kemmangundi, which is at a distance of 54 km. The best one can do is take a KSRTC bus to the small town of Lingadahalli. The journey is exhilarating with scenes of the Bababudangiri range, coffee estates, forests and small villages en route.

It is a long wait to get a private bus to Kemmangundi, which comes from Birur or Tarikere. A number of buses, both government and private, go past Lingadahalli with a brief halt at the bus stop which has just one simple shelter.

It is a brief but exciting ride on the bus as one slowly ascends the Kemmangundi Hill with many coffee estates on the slopes of the hill. A visitor is greeted by lush forest vegetation. The hill is part of the Bababudangiri range.

The bus stops at the sign board that says ‘Sri Krishnarajendra Hill station’ (K R Hill Station). There is no adequate facility to stay for a day or two at the hill station except a cottage with three rooms which might be booked in advance. Very few stay at the hill station and just pay a day’s visit and return to the town nearby.

Downhill are the famous waterfalls of Hebbe and Kalahasti. For a visit to these waterfalls, one needs to hire a vehicle or depend on some vehicle from a coffee estate.

It is a perfect time to make a visit to the once famous Kemmangundi which offers nice views and a bracing climate. It can be made more tourist friendly by facilities to hire vehicles and a place to stay overnight on the hill.