CERN documentary film on the birth of the universe

CERN documentary film on the birth of the universe

Srishti Vjyana seeks to similarities between science and scriptures

"We are trying to find parallels that will corroborate Indian scriptures and mythology related to universe with science. It's quite a wonder to know that much of knowledge about the birth of universe already exists in India. And, this I find to be very intriguing," said Dr Archana Sharma, an Indian physicist and a permanent staff member of CERN, Switzerland.

"We believe that perhaps the instruction manual of the Universe is present in our scriptures. However, it is written in a language that not many know of. For instance, Rig Veda written 3000 BC questions the birth of universe and also provides answers," said D K Hema Hari, one of the founders of Bharat Gyan.

Bharat Gyan has just set up a full-fledged studio in the Art of Living premises in the City. It intends to produce a film and book on the knowledge of India every month. Hari also revealed plans to set up a museum displayingmodern and traditional view points about the universe and serve as a platform for both people from both viewpoints to interact.

Two weeks ago, CERN had announced that it had succeeded in creating the Large Hydron Collider (LHC), which could create as much energy as was present when the Big Bang is said to have occurred 13.7 billion years ago (a figure that has been consistent for the last 20 years).

"The machine will start showing results only in another two years. You should understand that it took us 20 years to build the machine, which is 27 km in circumference and 100 metres below the earth surface," said Dr Sharma.

She explained that the LHC grind will also revolutionise the Internet. "We are still working on it. In another two decades, a person can plug the computer at any plug point and can access data," said Dr Sharma, who added that the Internet was created at CERN to share data within the organisation.

Meanwhile, India, which is an observer state at CERN, may soon become an associate state with some flexible benefits.