Hail the king of fruits!

Hail the king of fruits!


Hail the king of fruits!

Mango, the king of fruits, is ruling the market now! With different varieties and flavours available at the bazaars, lovers of the fruit are having a ball. 

But what has brought cheer to the mango-lovers of the City is the fairly low pricing of the fruit. 

According to The Horticultural Producer’s Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society Limited, a box of Alphonso costs around Rs 93 and a kilo in a supermarket would cost anything between Rs 130 to Rs 165. 

However, the European Union’s decision to ban mango imports from India till December 2015 has left the traders disappointed. 

This was after the authorities found fruit flies in some of the consignments last year.  The ban came into effect on May 1 and will impact India’s mango exports to the 28 countries of the EU. 

Yet Bangaloreans are making the most of the recent dip in prices. Many even say that they are stocking up the fruit before prices shoot up again. 

“The ban on mangoes by the EU has certainly brought a smile on everyone’s face as some varieties like the Alphonso are extremely expensive and not many people can afford them. 

However, this year I am expecting a drop in the prices. We can actually buy them at a cheaper rate as the supply of the fruit is more. I love Thotapuri, Raspuri and Alphonso,” says Sunil, a professional.

Kannan, a fruit seller on CMH Road, says that the prices have gone down this year and people are keen to buy expensive varieties like the Alphonso. 

   “I am selling Banganapalle at Rs 80 per kilo and Alphonso at Rs 130 per kilo. For now, the sales are good and people want to try out different varieties. The mango season has just started and we need a bit more time to assess if we are running at a loss or making a profit,” he explains.
Many say that they are all set to try the different varieties of mangoes this year and also want to experiment with the fruit. 

   “A lot can be done with the fruit. It can be added in a number of desserts. I like having Mallika and Badami as they are fairly cheap and delicious. I have had some of the mangoes from different states here and really like them as well,” opines Shwetha, a mango-lover.
 “I hope the prices do not increase so that we can enjoy this year’s produce to our heart’s content,” she wraps up.