BBMP poll: State may move SC on HC ruling

BBMP poll: State may move SC on HC ruling

A group of ministers on Wednesday held a meeting to discuss the HC order and the steps to be taken to implement the reservation chart notifed on November 30.

A minister said, “We have now no choice but to approach the apex court. I am personally of the view that reservation for SC/ST should be provided Assembly constituency-wise and not taking Bangalore as a unit. The SC/ST population is spread across the City. The reserved seats should be uniformly distributed and not concentrated in only certain areas.”

The High Court on Tuesday quashed the notification on the reservation and directed it to rework on it, taking the population of SC/STs as per the 2001 Census. The court has given two weeks’ time for the government to revise the quota.

The minister said, “If we go by the population, then there will be concentration of the reserved wards only in certain assembly pockets. We may approach the supreme court. Anyhow, the chief minister’s word will be final,” he added.

However, a source in the party said that a survey commissioned by the party had indicated that the party may contest only 90 seats and hence the ministers representing the City are not keen on the elections.