Traffic on railway gate hinders vehicle movement

As the traffic on Ajjampur-Hosadugra railway gate is causing hindrance to the movement of goods and passenger vehicles, the passengers and general public have appealed the authorities concerned to construct a railway under-bridge in Ajjampur, on Wednesday.

Including a number of goods trains, Bombay-Delhi, Nizamuddin, Intercity, Bangalore-Hubli, Davangere-Arsikere and other 60 plus trains ferry the passengers through the route.

The people from the villages of Hebbur, Narayanapura, Gowrapura and other adjacent villages, have to pass through the railway gate to get connected to the town.

Especially, the farmers and passengers are held up for at least 10 minutes when each train passes through the gate, which has been causing a great matter of inconvenience.

Members of the public allege that the construction of the railway gate is unscientific and there are no passages for water to flow out of the village, during rains.

Due to this, hundreds of houses at Shivaji, Banashankari and Shrirama roads fear inundation, said a resident Mohan Das.

Though letter correspondences have been made with MPs, MLAs and Railway division officials, regarding the problem, there has been no response, they allege.

The passengers are made to suffer owing to the attitude of officials concerned.
Village leader S Shivanand warned that protest, dharna or a bandh will be staged if a railway underbridge is not constructed.

As the present railway gate is situated in the corner of the town, the Guru Siddarameshwara Circle which was once busy with business transactions has been deserted today.

Gram Panchayat President Jogi N Prakash urged the officials concerned to construct the railway underbridge, as an alternate way for the passengers.

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