SDPI protests against KSRTC bus fare hike

SDPI protests against KSRTC bus fare hike

Opposing the sudden hike in KSRTC bus fares by the government, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) staged a protest in front of KSRTC bus stand in Mangalore on Wednesday and urged to decrease the fares immediately.

SDPI district Secretary Riyaz Farangipet alleged that KSRTC is forming a false opinion among public that the organisation is under loss and the hike in the fare is carried out to balance the burden.

He criticised that with the sudden hike in the bus fares, it has been proved again that the state government is anti-people.

The government should strive to improve the facilities in KSRTC. Instead, it is putting burden on the passengers. Though, as per the rules, only 7.61 per cent hike is permitted, the government has increased the fares by 20 per cent, he accused.

He warned that if the fares are not decreased, huge protests will be carried out in future.
SDPI state committee member Alphonse Franco said that KSRTC is not meant for making profit.

It should not be a profitable organisation as its sole purpose is public welfare. But, people, especially, the economically backward class will be hit with the hike in the KSRTC bus fares, he said and added that if at all KSRTC is under loss, it is due to the corruption of the officials in the department.

State Committee Member Abdul Jamal alleged that the KSRTC has neglected the transport in rural areas. In Tamilnadu, the bus fare rate is Rs 3 to 4 per kilometer, while in Karnataka it is Rs 7 to 8. Stating that villages are deprived of KRSTC bus facilities, he urged to initiate stern action against the corrupt officials. He alleged that the government is working under the lobby of private bus owners.

The protestors shouted slogans against KSRTC, Minister for Transport Ramalinga Reddy and the state government.

SDPI district committee Treasurer Anwar Sadat, District Committee Vice President Nawaz Ullal and Chief Secretary Nawaz Ali among others were present.