Bomb hoax call disrupts Toronto Stock Exchange

The stock exchange was evacuated for a couple of hours when police searched for bombs or explosive material.
Situated bang in the heart of downtown Toronto, TSX is the third largest exchange in North America and the biggest energy market in the world.
Exchange spokesperson Carolyn Quick said their switchboard got the threat call at 12.30 p.m. She said they informed police who were at the scene immediately.
Over 300 employees from three floors of the Exchange Tower were evacuated as cops searched for explosives.
After two hours of search, police found nothing and called off the search.
Toronto police said its officers found "absolutely no evidence of any type of explosive".
Normal trading resumed after the search.
The stock exchange was also on the target of the Toronto-18 terror plotters who wanted to blow it up along with the Canadian spy agency's office here.
The plot, which involved 18 Al Qaeda-inspired young Muslims, mostly from Pakistan, was unearthed in June 2006.
Canada is on the hit list of the Al Qaeda because of its involvement in the Afghan mission.

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