The bold & the beautiful

The bold & the beautiful

Lack of colour or outdated decor can hold a living room back from its full potential. To bring your living space back to life, you need to make it represent your unique style and needs. This is not very difficult to do


Focus on walls

The first step is to make your walls the star of your living space. One neat way to make your walls attractive is to have an accent wall. This is a wall which is different and often has a brighter colour than the other three walls.

There are many options with accent walls such as bold colours, wall paper prints and new textures. A good way to make your accent wall striking is to choose a print or colour that picks up other colours in the room. This should be a wall that you want to draw attention to.

We, in India, are very fortunate that we have tons of choices in area rugs and at prices that won’t shock us out of our senses. Without letting confusing floor options cramp your style, you can use an area rug to accent your living room.  

Flooring options

An area rug plays a huge role in drawing the eyes to the area you want to highlight. This could be an entertainment area, a bookcase, or anything in your room that you take pride in. Consider upgrading a basic rug by adding a design using fabric spray paint. A stylish rug will be a simple solution for a disconnected living space while creating a cosy comfortable feel.

Let the light in

While Westerners spend a lot of time using curtains in their decor to let light in, we need to concentrate on giving our windows a vibrant treatment. Curtains go a long way in helping us play with different textures. They can easily be changed to suit trends, seasons, and sometimes just our instincts. 

Curtain rods are also amenable to decor changes. For example, if you have a curtain rod installed, you can consider embellishing it by painting it with metallic gold or silver!

Be daring in your decor

You can be daring in your decor by dressing your living room with upholstery in out-of-the-box patterns and bold colours. Cushions and throw pillows are another way to go if your living room is lacking those essential finishing touches.

Remember pillows and cushions are a great way to experiment with colours and patterns without making a complete design overhaul and spending a lot of money. These are even easy to make if you are skilled in embroidery.

These simple methods help you go fresh with your living room and help you ‘live’ to your potential.