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Last Updated 08 May 2014, 14:04 IST

Who said kitchens have to be dull and boring? Check out these ideas that can turn your kitchen into an inviting haven, writes  Sharmila Chand.

Let kitchen be a space that means more than a nook devoted to just cooking. Explore how you can make it more beautiful in simple ways. 

Be smart on space 

Kitchens always fall short of space as there is a lot to store in limited space. Hence, it is advisable to use every inch of space for smart, space-saving storage. Look for modular shelving units which have distinct spaces to put crockery, cutlery and linen. They also make your kitchen look neat and tidy, and not cluttered. 

For bigger items like the mixer, oven and toaster, make a wall of cabinets, floor to ceiling. It will give you enough space to store heavy items while being handy and looking good. 

If you don’t have much cabinet space, bring in freestanding pieces to hold appliances, dishes and other kitchen essentials.

Splash of colour

Kitchen should never look depressing. To make it a lively place, pick up kitchen essentials in bright colours. For example, instead of just black or white cooking gas  stoves and pans, you can look for some coloured ones. Explore the new range of kitchen accessories in sunshine colours. This kind of selection can drastically transform your kitchen. 

Add texture by placing colourful rugs on the floor and placemats and runners on the countertops. Rather than ordinary bulbs, hang some colourful lights from the ceiling for an interesting twist.

Not only does colour help make a bold style statement, it also makes everyday use of the kitchen, dining or formal entertaining  enjoyable, while also making the kitchen an interesting and fun venue of the family.

Create a theme

If you can have a theme for your living rooms, why not for kitchens? Consider a pretty spring theme where you have a wallpaper showcasing spring flowers or landscapes. You can even hang storage racks on window sills to put colourful pots and pans. 

In winter, you can change the theme to Christmas with pretty red decor. 

The walls can be adorned with your or your kids’ art works — paintings, photographs, pictures showing the current season and so on. They will go perfectly with the   theme setting. 

Make your kitchen kid-friendly 

To have kids watch you while you are preparing a meal for them can be a learning process for them. You never know the things they can pick up from you and maybe even show some career prospects in cooking. We all know that many well known chefs have learnt cooking from their mothers and grandmothers while helping them in their childhood days. 

Make sure there’s a place, away from the gas stove, where they can sit or stand, and ensure that they feel right at the centre of action. Give them simple things to do, like beating an egg or peeling a boiled potato. Make them feel like it’s their activity space and they can participate in what you’re doing. So consider making your kitchen a kid friendly zone. It will go a long way in building up memories to be cherished forever. 

Fusion of old & new

Over the past few years, the trend of modernising the kitchen to fit your lifestyle has been apparent with technology-driven appliances and innovative surfaces and materials. But if you fuse these with certain traditional elements, then you can enjoy the old world charm also. For instance, the knobs and handles can be in a vintage style dull finish. 

There has been a re-emergence in kitchen design to bring back old world finishes and blend them with modern innovation. Modern countertops in granite, marble and solid surfacing can take on a vintage appeal with handcrafted details.

If you like an earthy look, you can opt for matte finish elements and co-ordinate them with the right colour and texture. This way, your kitchen will be an extension of your own style and you will enjoy being there. Each corner will reflect the essence of your preferences. 

Expert advice

We often avoid professionals thinking they are expensive. On the contrary, taking their advice helps in clearing a lot of doubts. Consult them and tell them your budget.

 They will give design proposals which can be easily implemented without wasting your time and energy. In fact, it can help you prevent costly mistakes that you would have made otherwise. This way, you can do up your space and fulfill your dreams within your budget. 

So, let your kitchen be the perfect soul of your home and a venue to bond with family and friends too!

(Published 08 May 2014, 14:04 IST)

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