Legislature session after June 15

Legislature session after June 15

A month-long session of the State legislature will be held any time after June 15, Council Chairman D H Shankaramurthy announced on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Shankaramurthy said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah wants the monsoon session to be held for 30 days.

He said that the renovation work to give a modern touch to the Council Hall will be completed by June 12.

The Council, which was established in 1904, had been renovated the last time, about 40 years ago.

The entire hall, with its furniture, would be refurbished and modernised in such a manner that it retains its originality as well as its unique heritage, he said.

In reply to a query, he said the Election Commission will announce the dates for conducting elections to 16 seats of the Upper House.

Three Council seats are already vacant and the rest will fall vacant by June-end.