Mayank's Shining Birthday party!

Mayank's Shining  Birthday party!

This was because his aunt  had undergone a major operation, and was still in the hospital. Mayank’s father had clearly said that there will be no celebrations till she was released from hospital.  And Mayank was unhappy. Each year, his birthday party would be full of fun and good food. Last year, his parents had hired a magician. And how the kids had squealed at his acts.

His mom Saguna, sensed the sadness on her son’s face. She sat down with him and told him that this year too, they would have a celebration, but of a different kind, and she sat down with him, to chalk out the plans. Mayank was not very keen on this plan, but he said ok, to keep his mother happy.

Next day, mother and son went out shopping and got lots of books, pencils, and plastic covers. And the next week was spent in putting one book and one pencil in each plastic cover.  On the day of his birthday, Mayank came home early from school. (He had taken the half day off). After a quick lunch of his favourite Pulao and Kheer, all of them got ready. His father had also taken the half day off.  Then, they went to a government school near their house. (His mom had already spoken to the principal). The principal called all the teachers, and asked them to assemble the students in the playground.

The principal introduced Mayank and his parents, and told the kids that since it was his birthday, Mayank wanted to distribute books and pencils to the students.  Then, about 400 students stood up to sing “Happy Birthday” to Mayank. The whole school rang out with this song. The principal even got a small pastry, out of his own pocket money. Mayank gave it to his mom to be eaten later.

The little boy was so elated. And then, all of them lined up in front of him, and he started handing out a cover  to each child. They were so happy. Some of them, didn’t even have footwear. They were so happy to get the shiny plastic covered gifts.  And little Mayank. He was elated. This was the best birthday so far for him. He had realised the joy of giving.  

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