Just a little lime can work wonders

Just a little lime can work wonders


Lime juice has multiple benefits for the body. A natural cleanser, lime keeps the skin clear from dirt and grime. It also helps lighten dark spots and freckles.

 Lime juice is also beneficial for scalp infections like dandruff; it strengthens hair roots and prevents the recurrence of dandruff. It is also known to cleanse the system and boost the immunity level.

Lime remedies

n To alleviate joint pains, mix lime juice with castor oil and use it for a therapeutic massage.

n To get relief from nausea, mix half a glass of lime juice with tender coconut water.

n To get rid of cough and phlegm, drink two-three glasses of lime juice with honey everyday.

n To remove pimple scars, apply a paste of turmeric powder and lime juice. Leave it on for a minute and then wash thoroughly.

n To reduce skin irritation and rashes, use 2-3 tsp of lime juice in bathing water, instead of soap.

n Painless warts can be removed by applying lime juice and leaving it on overnight.

n For cracks in heels and hands, apply lime juice with milk cream and then, wash after a few minutes.

n For a clear complexion, drink a glass of lime juice with salt on an empty stomach.


n Rinse your mouth thoroughly after taking lime juice, to avoid acidity damage to teeth enamel.

n Avoid consuming excessive quantity of lime juice, as it may lead to urinary calculi.
Rama G