Over production diminishes fragrance of jasmine

Over production diminishes fragrance of jasmine

The surplus production of the Shankarpura Mallige has brought down the price of the renowned jasmine flower here, that too during its most sought after days.

As most of the religious and other ceremonies takes place between March and June, the flower growers are finding it hard to make a brisk business.

A flower vendor, Shivanand Nayak, who sells Shankarpura Mallige near service bus stop, told Deccan Herald that at present the price of one ‘atte’ of jasmine varies from Rs 160 to Rs 260.

However, during last year, the price for the same quantity was around Rs 800.

The price has drastically come down following the over production of the jasmine and following which a reduction in demand.

Hence, the profit is very meager, in fact the flower vendors and growers are experiencing loss.

The period between January and May is said to be the season, as there will be a huge demand for the flower following many number of religious programmes and ceremonies, he added.

Shubhadha Sharma from Bantakallu who grows eight ‘chendu’ of Shankarpur Mallige everyday  said the favourable climate have resulted in the surplus production of the jasmine.

The flower buds are bloomed in abundance as the parched atmosphere with humidity facilitates the healthy growth of jasmine.

The profit and loss is unpredictable as it solely depends on the growth of the flowers and demand, she stressed.

One ‘atte’ will comprise of four ‘chendus’ and one ‘chendu’ will have 800 jasmine flowers. The flowers are grown in abundance in and around Shankarpura village, viz., Shirva, Belmannu, Bantakallu, Heroor and Innanje.

Besides the special variety of jasmine has GI (Geographical Indication) tag.

The agents decide the price of the atte and chendu based on the supply and demand. This price is called ‘katte’ rate.

The flowers are purchased by the agents from the growers and they sell it to the retailers in Mangalore, Udupi and Mumbai.

Growing area increases

Jasmine grower Denzil Castelino from Shankarpura said that unlike earlier days, the jasmine growing areas have doubled. Earlier, it was only grown in areas like Shankarpura, Belmannu, Mudublelle and Shirva.

However, these days the flower is grown in Brahmavara, Hebri and Heeriyadka. Hence, Jasmine is poured into the market from all the surrounding areas.

The crops have multiplied. Besides the flowers are also supplied from Byndoor and Bhatkal.

The flowers supplied from Byndoor and Bhatkal is cheaper when compared to Shankarpura Mallige.

If Shankarpura Mallige costs Rs 160 or Rs 800 per atte, the Byndoor and Bhatkal Mallige will cost Rs 110 or Rs 600 per atte.

Moreover, the weddings and other functions are less in number.

It is like less demand and more growth.

Earlier, we would receive orders from Mangalore, however these days the flowers are also grown at Mudubidri and Puttur.

Hence the demand from that area has gradually come down.

The orders from Mumbai is also very few this year, Castelino rued.