When you are planning a new home or living in your existing home, the focus is always on the living room. To enrich your lifestyle and create areas for your pursuits including reading, chatting, working and relaxing, the design has to be conducive and tasteful. Prior to investing on a couch or decorating your space, look around with an objective eye.

Whether it is redesigning the whole house or just a room, be creative, visualise the possibilities and combinations you can adapt in terms of colours, textures and furnishings. They should reflect your passion and style. Look for designs with friendly detailing. To increase the sense of comfort and good energy, arrange your living room furniture to form islands that you can move around easily. Make sure there are corners in your home with enhancements such as plants, sculpture, lighting, art and furniture.

Place the most important piece or the larger furniture block, often a sofa set such that it commands a view of the room. Then give the other seating a nice look, putting everyone at ease and making the room both attractive and comfortable. Bring in life by adding colours in the form of cushion covers, wall rugs or small floor carpets. Create cozy corners which motivate specific activities. It could be a formal seating area or a corner to de-stress and relax. To assure ideal views throughout the room, make sure the corners in your living room are clear of clutter. A sense of uncluttered abundance is the key. It is important to keep your living room organised, ensuring there are plenty of open spaces.

(The author is a Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner)
Ph: 080-25252456 or 25252109 Email:-consultation@fengshuiserver.com)

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