smooth sail Parvathi Menon

Director Jacob Verghese wishes to keep things under wrap till January. In fact, he has asked actress Parvathi Menon to be mum as well. “The director has strictly asked us not to reveal anything until January, since the movie will release in April, I agree with him, and will also like to keep the element of surprise,” says Parvathi, who will be finishing majority of her scenes being completed in this schedule.

Travelling is something the team has done extensively. Director Jacob says, “We are not really working on schedules because we have continuously shot for 15 to 20 days at a stretch and then taken two to three days of rest, after which we just pack off and leave for our next location.”

With the entire unit having travelled together for more than a month, Parvathi says that it’s an experience she will never forget.

“The reason everything is going so smoothly is because each and everyone in the team knows and is clear about what they want. This has only made me give my very best to the film,” says Parvathi, who is already feeling blue about leaving the unit very soon.
“They have become like a family to me and have encouraged me in every step of the way and I only hope the audience also loves the film,” she adds.