'300 circulars on use of Kannada not acted upon'

'300 circulars on use of Kannada not acted upon'

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday rued that despite more than 300 circulars issued by various departments over the last several decades that Kannada should be the language used for official and administrative purposes in the government, the same was yet to be fully implemented.

Speaking after launching a compilation of the tasks accomplished by the Kannada Development Authority over the last six years, Siddaramaiah said the government will henceforth take concrete steps to implement its policy of using Kannada in administration and governance. He said there was lack of sincerity among a section of officers in using Kannada for official work. “Some feel it is a matter of prestige to use English instead of Kannada. Such a mindset should change,” Siddaramaiah said.

He pointed out that it was impossible to survive in Chennai without knowing Tamil, but one could live for a lifetime in Bangalore without the knowledge of Kannada. He said Kannadigas should feel proud of their language like Tamils are of their language in Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court verdict on the medium of instruction in schools will have no effect in Tamil Nadu, as people in that State will continue to study in Tamil, he said.

The KDA submitted a set of 33 recommendations to the government for giving primacy to Kannada language. The recommendations include providing reservation to students who study in Kannada medium in higher education and employment; implementation of the Sarojini Mahishi report to give preference to Kannadigas in public sector undertakings, private and multinational companies; making Kannada language a mandatory subject in vocational education.

The KDA also recommended that steps should be taken to make Kannada the administrative language in banks and courts. It has suggested that Kannada Bhavans should be set up in all districts.