Dressing the teen way

Dressing the teen way

outfit sketches

-Design outfits that blend with your personality.

Bear in mind the shapes and styles that work best for you and also make the most of features you like the most.

-Sketch out designs. Use a pencil to sketch the designs and draw shapes which you prefer. Save your sketches, even if you don't use them in the near future.

-Buy patterns of your choice or you can download some from the internet. You may find it helpful to have a good sewing reference book with some basic patterns for ready reference.

-Cut the fabric in accordance with a design sketched by you. If you are working with good fabric and if you don’t want to take any risk, as far as finances and fabric is concerned, then use a fabric which is much cheaper and work on it.
-Finally press the clothes you’ve designed and give it a personal touch such as weaving in, for instance, a embroidered red flower on a black tee shirt or draw skeletons to give it a chic look. Such innovations are sure to make your outfit look different and trendy.

Designing tools
- Sketchpad and colour pencils
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Sewing pins
- Sewing machine
- Measurement tape
- Patterns and sewing       references