Dealing with winter

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Dealing with winter

smooth Maintain enough moisture  to avoid dry skin.

During winter, skin becomes more dry and so they need to be given some good care. Some tips to get prepared for the winter are:

-After a shower, apply moisturiser without fail.
-Use moisturiser that has vitamins A,B,D and E.
-Do not use soaps which are harsh, as they have the ability to dry your skin quickly.
-Lips dry often due to the lack of oil glands. A lip balm is a must to prevent it from being chapped and crusty.
-Do not avoid drinking water due to the coldness in winter. Drink a lot of water as it prevents dehydration.
-In winter, skin turns a little dark and there is no shine, remove the dead skin cells and help the skin to absorb enough moisture.
-Very hot water should be avoided while taking bath as it removes the natural oils from the body.
-Take bath in luke warm water and also avoid hair dryer as it harms your scalp and makes the hair dry.
-Do not stop using sunscreen as it can age the skin.
-Go for a manicure and pedicure as it prevents the skin from peeling and softens the skin.
-Stop winter itches by using a towel each time you wash your hands or feet.

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