When good things end...

When good things end...

 It might seem to be the most difficult phase that one has to undergo but life has to move on and one has to overcome the trauma of the break-up.

Some tips which can help in over coming such kind of a trauma are:

-The most important thing which has to be kept in mind in such kind of a situation is to speak out. Tell what happened to your family and friends if they know about your relationship. Never try to hide and push things as it will tend to mount deep inside you.
When you speak about it, it reduces a lot of stress and tensions and one will feel more relaxed.

- Involve yourself in something or the other. Never sit idle and brood over what happened to you. It will lead you no where, but will make you feel all the more low.
- Speak to friends and go out with them. Spend more time with friends and family, it will help you come out of the pain. The more you spend time with others, the faster you will be able to get out of this trauma.

- Do not disrupt you daily life cycle, don’t keep yourself away from your daily routine and never stay indoors all the time. Continue with your life just like any other normal day, this will help you feel confident, you will also encounter new challenges everyday which in the long run will help you get out of this grief as soon as possible.

- In the process of trying to overcome your trauma, do not forget yourself. Pamper yourself, read books by your favourite author, go out for lunch, coffee, dinner, movies or shopping. Catch up with old friends. Travel  if time permits as it is the biggest stress-buster and makes you feel rejuvenated.

- Do not keep thinking about what happened in the past with your loved one, get over it.

- Divert your entire interest towards your career, give all your attention to it and see your self grow there in our field.

- Give some time for yourself to pour out all  your grief. After that don’t even dare to think about it, do not keep pitying yourself.

- Look at the brighter side of of not having this boy or girl in your life. Learn to be positive, look at what went wrong and learn to not commit the same mistakes again.
- If you feel that you need the help of a counsellor then go for it.