'I won't settle for anything small'

'I won't settle for anything small'

Anjana Sukhani tells Metrolife that she feels at home with the language, the food and the people of Karnataka

'I won't settle for anything small'

dreaming big Anjana Sukhani

Anjana says she now does not find the language, the food and the people of the Kannada film industry strange. “There have been times when I have scouted Mumbai for a restaurant that serves South Indian food. I seem to have settled down well with the spices and the place pretty soon,” Anjana says.

Anjana plays a tomboyish girl (in Maleyali Jotheyali) who despises men and  believes that women don’t really need them to survive. This young girl’s feeling soon begin to change when she meets this young man, quite unlike the usual carefree men who’d do just abut anything for a fling or two.

“She begins to feel true love and he brings out the soft feminine side of her. It’s a play of emotions,” Anjana explains. She says that when she signed up for her first South Indian film “it had to be big. I am not here for money but I want to do meaningful and substantial characters.”  

But has Anjana always been offered only glamourous roles?

 “I guess my looks attract such roles but no film-maker has offered me a character that brings out the softer side of me. I might come across as modern but I am still traditional and conservative in my head and heart,” she says.

Maleyali Jotheyali is a love triangle and explores in full the emotion called love.     
What’s Anjana’s notion of love? “Whether in movies or in real, my life would revolve around the man I love. I would always expect the man in my life to be more accomodating than adjusting,” she says.

Making a mark in Bollywood is no child’s play, says Anajana, who thinks it’s only luck and chance that will will get one to the top and not talent or good looks.

Her other film in the offing is Tum Milo To Sahi which portrays love among three generations.

“When you are in your 60s, you want companionship. In your middle age, you are caught between your personal and professional life and in your college days, you have so many crushes and go through a roller-coaster ride through various wild emotions,” says Anjana, who plays a college girl in the film.

She will also be seen opposite Junior NTR in a Telugu film and is yet to choose from among the many offers pouring in from the Kannada film industry.